Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arrival in Hungary

I have officially arrived in Budapest, by hook or by crook. I have to say, Continental Airlines did everything in their power to prevent me from getting here (Really? A malfunctioning video system necessitates a three and a half hour delay? Was it really that important to circle London four times before landing? The view of London Tower, Hyde
Park, and Buckingham Palace from 2000 feet was gorgeous but rather superfluous...and in any case, who needs to make a flight connection after all?) but somehow, I persevered long enough to hear those sweet words: “Üdvözöljük Magyarországon!”

I have left the heavy suitcases at a friend's parents' apartment (Thanks ZB!) while I attempt to find an apartment and flit between Vienna, Budapest Orientation, and Debrecen.

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  1. May this be an "excellent adventure," Barbie! Your family misses you like crazy! Thanksgiving can't come soon enough.