Monday, February 1, 2010

Szabolcsi Snow

I had a busy day up in Tiszavasvári today. Though it was an early morning in the snow (almost two feet of it in Szabolcs Megye), the day was actually quite sunny and nice. The train up there was even almost on-time! What a concept!
Baba the horse, of Tiszavasvári
I walked around a bit before my meeting began, and I was surprised to see how little had changed. Sure, the old library was closed and a new town hall expansion was added, but otherwise, the town looked exactly the same. Some stores even had the same window decorations still up from five years ago.
Baba asking, "Does this wagon make my butt look big?"
Nonetheless, time goes on, and some things indubitably will change. The schools I worked in have now been centralized under one principal, a great guy who was the gym teacher when I worked there. Part of one school has been contracted out to a private foundation. Let's hope it is for the best. I was floored - FLOORED - by how many people recognized me. Everywhere I went, people were doing double takes and then exclaiming, "Baaarrrbbaaarraaaaa! [nearly wailed] Is it really you? Can it be?" I took the train back from Tiszavasvári to Debrecen with Zita-néni, a teacher who I sort of remembered (she used to take me out for ice cream), but who DEFINITELY remembered me. We chatted in Hungarian the whole ride back, and she even called her daughter to tell her who she had seen, and made me talk on the phone with her (I have never met her daughter before, though she is my age). Zita also offered me some of her házipálinka to take home to my boyfriend. I miss Tiszavasvári. There is no comparison for their kindness to me.

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