Monday, April 12, 2010

New York Times Typo Control

I take great pride in my disgustingly-thorough understanding of Hungarian politics. I eat Hajdú-Bihari Napló articles for breakfast. And for the third time in three years, I caught yet another typo in a New York Times' article on Hungary. Considering the incidence rate of NYT articles about Hungary is quite low - perhaps three or four a year - this is kind of pathetic.

Dear Dan Bilefsky,

From one UPenn alum to another, get your act together. You have been here in Budapest covering the election for three days, and yet you still can't even spell the seven letter name of the winning party correctly? For heaven's sake, it is a Magyar-ized version of a Latin word, not a crazy Finno-Ugric agglutinative nightmare. I know the wine is good here, but try to hold off on happy hour until the second draft is completed.

Barbara C

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